Strawberries are Easy to Grow

Strawberries are Easy to Grow

When and How to Plant Strawberries

In warm climates, plant strawberries in late autumn. In climates where the ground freezes, plant in spring.

Strawberries (Frageria ananassa), members of the rose family (Rosaceae), are some of the easiest and most popular fruit in the garden. Strawberries are also good for you. A cup of strawberries provides more than the adult daily requirement for Vitamin C, and has only 55 calories.

How Strawberries Grow

First, strawberries are shallow plants. That means that 90 percent of the root system is in the top six inches of soil.

A strawberry plant has three major parts: leaves, roots and crown.

Crown. The strawberry crown grows right at the soil line. The leaves and buds of the small fruit begin here at the crown. In addition, the crown stores food for the plant and provides support for it. Therefore a strong strawberry plant needs a the crown to be strong for good leaf production.

Leaves. Strawberry leaves are the site of photosynthesis, which is how plants produce food. Not only are they necessary for berries to develop, they help insure plant survival during times of stress.

Roots. Strawberry roots must develop quickly. They should be at full growth within two to three months after planting. There are two types of roots: large roots and smaller fibrous roots. Development of the fibrous root system is important.

The delicious fruit is the reason most people plant strawberries. Strawberries are easy to grow , that’s why people interest to growing strawberries. There are some interesting facts about strawberries. Lets check to others article about strawberries.



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