Strawberry whip cream jello dessert.

This strawberry recipe came from my grandmother last week. Wow this strawberry whip cream jello dessert was very delicious. make this recipe with love from your heart.

How to learn to make the recipe I was handed down for strawberry whip cream jello dessert.

You will need:

  1. 10 oz frozen strawberries, thawed and drained
  2. 1 cup of boiling water
  3. 1 cup of water or strawberry juice (from thawed strawberries)
  4. 1 3 oz package of strawberry or strawberry-banana Jell-O (Do not substitute sugar free!)
  5. 1 cup cold heavy whipping cream

You will begin making your strawberry whip cream jello dessert by thawing out your strawberries and draining them thoroughly. You do not want the juice from the strawberries to mess up the action of the gelatin in the recipe. Anyway, reserve the strawberry juice, as you can use that later on in the recipe.

Next, mix the Jell-O with the cup of boiling water. Make sure to dissolve everything completely, as you do not want your strawberry whip cream jello dessert to be lumpy. Now, you will add water to your strawberry juice until it equals one cup. Mix that into the Jell-O mixture and then chill the Jell-O for 2-3 hours.

While the Jell-O is chilling, put a mixing bowl into the fridge or freezer to chill. When it's time to remove your Jell-O from the fridge, take out the chilled bowl. Whip your cold heavy whipping cream in the chilled bowl. This is one of the secrets to making the best strawberry whip cream jello dessert. Everything in this step must be cold. Whip your whipping cream until it forms well-defined peaks.

Now, beat the chilled Jell-O mixture with your mixer until it is nice and frothy. Then, take a rubber spatula to carefully fold in your whipped cream and your thawed strawberries. Transfer the mixture to a serving dish of your choice and refrigerate overnight to ensure that your strawberry whip cream jello dessert will be nice and firm when you serve it.

If you like, you can serve it with additional, bananas, grapes, whipped cream and strawberries, but it's also very good on its own. If you've followed this recipe, everyone will thoroughly enjoy your strawberry whip cream jello dessert and probably ask you for the recipe to boot.

Note: Do not, I repeat, do not substitute Cool Whip or non-dairy whipped topping for the heavy whipped cream under any circumstances. It completely ruins the taste of this dish and adds all kinds of fake chemical ingredients that we shouldn't be eating anyway.

Ok, get starting now of making this recipe. Beside strawberry very delicious, strawberry can made healthy your body. Do you know the others facts of strawberries, about nutrition, how to growing strawberries read the others articles.

Why people drink strawberries juice

Why people drink strawberries juice

Why people drink strawberries juice

Basic strawberries Nutrition

Strawberries are not only sources of concentrated flavor, but little packets of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. For example, a cup of sliced strawberries contains a whole day's requirement for vitamin C. A cup of blackberries contain a day's worth of manganese, while the same amount of raspberries supplies a third of our daily niacin needs. Blueberries and strawberries are even surprisingly good sources of vitamin E. And they all contain between 4 and 9 grams of fiber per cup.

Why are strawberries So Good for Us?

The seeds of strawberries are mainly spread by birds and other animals; the bright colors of the berries help attract those seed-distributors. The skins of strawberries have to be thin enough so that they are easily eaten, but at the same time not vulnerable to pests and diseases. The chemicals which cause the color and protect the plant also turn out to be good for us. Come on lets drink a fresh strawberries juice.

Health Benefits

Many of these phytonutrients (such as anthocyanins, quercetin, and ellagic acid) have an antioxidant effect: They counter the natural oxidation in the body that contributes to aging of the tissues and many degenerative illnesses such as cancer, dementia, and damage to the arteries. One study of blueberries and strawberries in the diet even showed improved memory of middle-aged rats. In fact, it's hard to think of a body part that isn't positively affected by these nutrients. Blueberries are especially high in these chemicals, perhaps the highest of all fruits.

Strawberries, cancer and health

Strawberries, cancer and health

Strawberries, cancer and health

Not only are strawberries tasty, but they are also low in calories and very nutritious. They are high in vitamin C (more than citrus fruits, ounce for ounce), which has been shown to be a deterrent to some forms of cancer and also helps prevent oxidation of LDL or bad cholesterol.They are also a good source of fiber.

Most importantly, strawberries are one of the few sources, along with grapes and cherries, of ellagic acid, a compound which has been shown to prevent carcinogens from turning healthy cells into cancerous ones.

Strawberries are fat-free and have no cholesterol. Once cup of sliced strawberries has 50 calories, 11.5 grams carbohydrates, 4 grams fiber, and 45 mg of potassium.

Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C and a very good source of manganese. They also contain relatively large amounts of phytonutrients, especially anthocyanins and others which may help protect our cells from damage. There is some evidence of reduction of cancer risk from

How I love berry season! Besides being delicious, strawberries are one of the best nutritional bargains around. Low in fat, carbs, and calories, but high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, these yummy nuggets of flavor not only contribute to overall health, but may even help prevent cancer and heart disease, as well as slowing the aging process. And thanks to the freezer, we can have the advantages of strawberries year-round.

Strawberries can grow with hydroponics system

Strawberries can grow with hydroponics system

Strawberries can grow with hydroponics system

Hydroponics is defined as the science involved in the growth of plants without the need of soil. The nutrients gained by the plants from soil are included in water. The word originated from the Greek words hydro which means water and ponos meaning labor. The first use of hydroponics was reported during the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the old Wonders of the World. It is said that the plant growth happened along the stream of water. The historic evidence speaks that the soldiers stationed in Pacific Islands consumed fruits and vegetables generated by hydroponics.

You might be wondering the reason why hydroponics is utilized for strawberries. There is a valid motive behind this aspect which is to protect the environment from an alarming problem. Methyl bromide was the chemical on which the strawberry growers depended to keep away soil borne pests, insects, weeds and diseases. This kind of fumigation had its own significance as it helps in yielding top quality strawberries. Presently, it has been found that methyl bromide is a major threat to the ozone layer and for this reason the chemical is banned all over. Due to this reason, the strawberry growers have thought of switching to hydroponics to make it environment friendly and also increase the production as a whole.

Hydroponics strawberries are making a good impression and a good alternative to cultivators. Cultivators across the globe are switching their cultivation style to hydroponics as it has been recognized to be one of the most productive and efficient forms of production.

Hydroponics strawberries does add a few advantages for the cultivators, the most important being the remarkable taste which just keeps you yearning for more. Since the cultivation of these plants is at an elevated height, the picking rate has been increased with no fatigue and a much easier way of cultivation.

When considering the yields per plant, it is much higher and the losses are lower when compared to the growth in soil. You can do the cultivation on any land conditions be it poor or rich because the problem of weeds is simply eliminated. Vertically tying the garden could utilize more space and can be extended sky high thus stacking to utilize more space. Hydroponics strawberries are not seasonal therefore you can cultivate them all year round.

Hydroponics cultivation can be even done right at home which could feed a family of four easily. The cultivation could be done either indoor or outdoor with the help of artificial light or sunlight. Certain steps should be taken into consideration before you start up with the cultivation process right at home. Care is to be taken while you buy the cold-stored runners. It should be purchased only from a well known local nursery after being duly certified virus tested. If the steps are being followed appropriately, you can get a higher yield of these.

Strawberries are good for losing your weight

Strawberries are good for losing your weight

Strawberries are good for losing your weight

Most of us indulge in strawberries and cream, and to hell with the consequences, but surprisingly, strawberries are very often recommended by dieticians as an aid to lose weight.

This is supported by the well known fact, that strawberries are naturally sweet, low in calories, and an excellent source of vitamin C. Also, strawberries are free of saturated fats, cholesterol, and sodium.

It's also easy to see why strawberries are recommended as one of as one of the fruits to eat as part of your daily diet, apart from the fact that strawberries are a great treat Strawberries are also very good for you, because it's a fact that strawberries are high in antioxidants.

It goes without saying that we often eat this delicious fruit in all manner of ways, in salads, desserts, with ice-cream, etc; but to really enjoy the healthy benefits strawberries have to offer, eat them raw within 4 days of harvesting. Seven or eight medium strawberries will add up to about 45 calories, this is offset by the fact that they give you a host of other benefits not mentioned yet, like potassium ,this helps regulate electrolytes in your body, also B2, B5, B6 Magnesium, copper and omega fatty acids.

Strawberries are already one of the most delicious and popular fruits eaten today and are a very easy fruit to grow, they can often be found growing in the wild. These are usually smaller than the ones cultivated, and the taste is a lot more intense.

Naturally the best strawberries are the ones you pick yourself from your own backyard and eat while they are fresh. If you have a strawberry farm close by, go there. Obviously you will be limited as to what variety they grow, but hey! Strawberries are all taste good.

If you have an abundance of fruit you might want to think about freezing them for later use. First you need to select strawberries that have fully ripened; once you have picked them they will not ripen any further. Look through them and discard any that are bruised or damaged and choose only the firm bright red ones with a green cap. Do not wash them but place a layer of fruit on a paper towel for two to three days before placing them on a biscuit tray, one layer at a time. Freeze before moving them into an airtight container, should be good for a couple of months though they will be much softer after thawing. Imports can be seen on the supermarket shelves throughout the year so don’t worry.

Strawberries fruit for healthy skin


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