Strawberries plant diseases (2)

Verticillium wilt
Caused by a soil-borne fungus. In new strawberry plantings, symptoms appear about the time runners start to grow. In established plantings, symptoms appear when the strawberries ripen. Older outer leaves of infected plants wilt, turn brown around the edges and between the veins and eventually die. Petioles of the leaves may also turn red. Few new leaves develop and new roots that grow from the crown are short and have blackened tips. To avoid this disease, select resistant strawberries cultivars and avoid sites that was previously planted with wilt-susceptible crops.

Gray mold
Caused by the fungus
Botrytis, which overwinters on strawberries plant debris on the ground. During bloom the fungus may be spread to blossoms during rainy weather, and the infection then spreads to the developing fruit. This disease often occurs where a dead petal or leaf adheres to the fruit or where strawberries touches the soil. The disease appears as a gray, fuzzy mass of fungal spores on berries. To prevent this disease, thin strawberries plant to improve air circulation within the bed and use straw mulch. Fungicides may also be applied.

Leather rot
Caused by a fungus that infects the strawberries when ripening fruit clusters are in contact with the soil or standing in water after a period of warm, rainy weather. Infected immature strawberries fruit turns brown. On ripening fruit, the color becomes bleached out and infected areas are tough and dry. Berries taste bitter and smell rotten. A single infected strawberries can ruin the flavor of a whole jar of jam. To prevent this disease, use a mulch to minimize rain splash onto the strawberries fruit, or fungicides may be applied.

May stunt plant growth or cause mottling or curling of leaves. They are introduced by insects such as aphids or leafhoppers. To prevent viruses, use certified strawberries plants and control these insects.

Strawberries plant diseases (1)


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