Victoria Beckham's Strawberry Diet

Victoria Beckham has reportedly embarked on a strict new diet of just strawberries.Sources claim the former Spice Girl, who is currently in Portugal to support husband David during Euro 2004, has been snubbing the meat-and-salad dishes that have been on offer at the swanky Penha Longa Hotel and Golf resort, where she and the other England footballers' wives are staying.One partner told Britain's Sunday Mirror newspaper:

"She just eats strawberries and turns away all the great breakfasts and salads that everyone else tucks into. Most days she has only one meal and that is strawberries. "Sometimes she just sits there drinking mineral water while we all tuck in. It is a bit strange." Health experts have warned that the 30-year-old singer's eating regime could lead to diarrhoea, gut irritation and energy loss.

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Nutritionist Zoe Tebbutt says if the mother-of-two, who has admitted becoming close to an eating disorder in the past, persists with her diet for more than a few days it could lead to serious health problems and could threaten the possibility of Victoria having a third child. She said: "A two-day detox eating a mixture of fruit and vegetables, and plenty of water and multi-vitamins, would probably be quite good for you.But in this case she is not getting any protein, so her cells will not be able to regenerate and she will feel very weak." On Saturday (19.06.04) night, Victoria enjoyed a meal out with the other wives although it is not known what she had to eat.Meanwhile, Victoria, who has stood by her husband following allegations he cheated on her, says the problems in her life were put into perspective when she visited the poverty-stricken country of Peru.She said: "A trip like this puts everything into perspective. I've met families who have absolutely nothing."

Strawberry diet

Strawberries are rich in ascorbic and folic acids, carotene, and the following organic acids: applSe acid, salicilic acid, lemon acid and quinine acid. They are also rich in phytoncids, iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and cobalt.

In 1 week you will lose 5-7 pounds. This diet will rejuvenate your body and help your digestive tract.

First choice: 1 glass of low fat milk (or yogurt, or 4 oz of low fat cottage cheese), 3/4 pound of strawberries, 1 tea spoon of sugar( for strawberries or drinks), tea or coffee.
Another choice: 1 boiled egg, 3/4 pound of strawberries, 1 tea spoon of sugar, coffee or tea. Another choice: 5 tbl spoons of oatmeal, 3/4 pound of strawberries, tea spoon of sugar, tea or coffee.

Small sandwich: 1 oz of bread, butter, a piece of cheese or 1/2 chicken breast or a piece of turkey meat,
tea or coffee, a bowl of salad + either dill, green onion or parsley.


Light vegetable soup, vegetable salad ( dressing: lemon juice + 1 tbl spoon of vegetable oil )
Chicken breast or 3/4 pound of fish.
Desert: 3/4 pound of strawberries + 1 tea spoon of sugar.
Tea or coffee or 1/2 glass of white dry wine.

3/4pound of strawberries + 1 tea spoon of sugar or strawberry jelly ( no whipped cream!)

Fruit salad: 1 pound of strawberries + 1 tea spoon of sugar. Tea or coffee. You can eat 1/2 banana a day.

Before you go to bed: 1/2 glass of low fat yogurt. Nothing else!



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