Strawberry….Do you know?

Strawberry….Do you know?

What useless statistics can give us? Do you know, for example, that 150 grams of fresh strawberries remove negative emotions? Well, just try to eat seven of these berries - they will really relieve your stress! And that’s not all!

Until recently, cosmetologists just respected strawberry. Basically, it had glory due to bleaching effect: in the end of spring, when our skin, tired to resist, give way to dark patches, strawberry juice saves it, it is a remover! Strawberry face packs provide the best effect (strawberry, lemon juice and a spoon of honey), and you also can wipe face with strawberry ice after awakening.

Then people began receiving updates: our berry is also an excellent antiseptic containing salicylic acid, having peeling effect, what means that strawberry peeling refreshes skin. But the main thing was found out not long ago, and strawberry became famous due to this fact. Copper, contained in strawberry, stimulates collagen production, which supports skin elastic.

Masks and creams
Strawberry season - is time to make sure of red berries’ omnipotence. We need to try making simple masks of strawberry gruel regularly, two or three times a week. Or indulge face with an individual strawberry cream (knead berries carefully and mix them with usual cream and a spoon of honey), instead of buying expensive means of the world’s leading manufacturers of cosmetics. And spend saved money on twenty buckets of fresh berries.

Strawberry diet: minus 2.5 kg for 4 days
This ratio will be true - if you do all of the fair. At least, strawberry diet is already called «Hollywood» diet, and general public knows the fact that Victoria Beckham eats only strawberries three days in a month. You can treat this girl in many ways, but a mother of three children looks well, and has been keeping love of her husband, main British narcissus, for ten years.

Anyone can try a popular four-day diet. It’s that easy - three times a day you choose following dishes: fruit salad or yogurt for breakfast, strawberry salad with asparagus for dinner, cod with strawberry for supper and cheese with strawberry, as a small prank. However, people with imagination will create their own menu, not only for four days, but perhaps for entire month.

In the morning eat strawberry with all dairy products - they are perfectly combined. During a day - cook one of savory dishes: strawberry suits seafood and poultry, can make ensemble with lettuce leaves, parmesan, cucumber and green onion, and season it with olive oil with a drop of vinegar, lemon juice and pine nuts. Or mustard. For supper you can think of at least a chicken under strawberry-wine sauce, berry paste (knead dough on strawberry juice (1 cup) with flour, 2 eggs, a spoon of vegetable oil, salt, pepper and honey; roll thin and chop on broad bands; boil in milk). Or one more perfect combination: strawberry with black pepper, especially fried (overnight) in butter. Who tried it - will not forget.

Eat 10 kilograms per season - dare you?
It is believed that when this round figure is displayed on your internal weigh-scales, you will literally mantle and soar. What else can you do? All systems are ok and operate smoothly. Immune? Strengthened! Metabolism? Normalized! Cardiovascular? Secure than ever. Strawberry is even helpful for gum, and if you have a headache, it will also help, because it contains substances, similar to structure of aspirin.
Another point is that strawberry may bore you… Of course, now it sounds strange - we are so waiting for it, fragrant berry. (Favorite strawberry of French - April gariguette, it is non-sweet, but its appearance suggests that soon there will be summer!). Matron will stop practicing in dainties (Cheesecake, sherbet, dumplings, marmalade, jelly, Kvass) and will just cook simple jam, not respecting even simple rules: do not wash berries, but clean, and cook for no more than half kilograms at a time. Strawberry time - is a short love story that begins with pulse beats, and turns into a wife into a dressing gown and curler.


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